Q & A on Beach Photo Sessions

What time of day is best for a beach shoot and why?

Golden Hour! This is about an hour before sunset. Sometimes if we are really lucky the sunset will provide us with what we call the blue hour. This is an hour after the sun sets but it isn’t completely dark. These are the best times because they provide ideal lighting situations. Of course, I can shoot on a beach at any time of day, but if you really want those beautiful soft tones golden hour is where it’s at. 

How about outfits for kids?

I always say keep it simple and comfortable. Kids like to move. Earth tones and creamy colors work best for beach sessions.

Outfits for babies?

A simple diaper cover and for baby girls a cute headband or bow.

Outfits for mom and dad?

A sundress for mom and khaki shorts and a plain shirt for dad. This generally looks the best against a beachy backdrop.

What is your most memorable beach photography moment?

This year I was able to take my friend's maternity pictures in Maui. That was pretty amazing.

Pets at the beach? Good idea? bad idea? why?

I say pets everywhere! I love when people bring their fur babies. I like to leave it up to my clients. I work with a ton of kids and pets. They are not made to be constantly well-behaved. Sometimes they just need to explore a bit and then pictures are easy! 

Low tide or high tide?

In Washington low tide is exceptionally smelly, haha. But some of the best beach spots can only be accessed at that time. I don’t have a preference either way. It all depends on the beach.

Best time of year? Spring, summer, or fall?

Hmmm, here fall is pushing it for the beach, totally still possible….but for sure chilly. I’m going to say summer!

What props at the beach do you recommend?

None! Beach shoots tend to look best if they’re kept simple. We are lucky enough to be in an area that is known for amazing driftwood. Nature provides us with the best props.

Do you have a beach wishlist photo shoot? Explain?

Maternity photos in Hawaii was a huge one on the list. I would love to do a couples session on the beach. Or a beach wedding!