Hi, I am Heidi Spagnoli.

I have been in love with photography since I was just a small child. I learned to shoot on an 80's Canon AE-1, with 35mm film. Starting in film and developing my own photos in a dark room has taught me to see the world and my subjects differently. Now in the digital age there are endless creative possibilities.

I love to be creative and working with people. It is beyond amazing that I get to do my dream job every day!!

5 Things About Me!

  • I am a Mama of 5
  • I love animals!
  • I think music makes everything better
  • I collect decorative skulls
  • I believe in kindness above all else

Heidi Spagnoli the photographer



“What can I say about Heidi? I am extremely lucky to have her as a very close friend, I mean heck she is family to me. She is a perfectionist. She won't stop until she gets exactly what she is looking for. She has been taking pictures of our daughter, Alaina, since the day she was born. Till this date, she keeps taking amazing pictures of Alaina and I always keep looking at her pictures every time. I can't say enough... just that she's the best!!! You have a way of making the ordinary seem magical...”